“I can see how a small dream has grown into strong, flourishing and living fellowship…” --Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute

Dear Friend,

  Exactly twenty years ago, I was a school boy saluting my teachers “Comrade Teacher”.  When Communism fell, we had to switch the salutation overnight to “Mrs. Teacher”— not an easy switch for a 10-year-old boy.

    I turn to you with a request for help with a project—the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth— that aims to ensure that the communist dictatorship in Central Europe does not turn into a dictatorship of relativism.

     I know I don’t need to explain to you the extent of the damage done to the Central and Eastern Europe by forty years of the Communist regime. You understand the economic havoc, the political corruption, and the cultural devastation. And you’ve seen how Slovakia has recovered; the political situation changed overnight and the economy has improved significantly.

    Yet culture is not so quick to heal.

    In 20 years, no deliberate and focused steps have been taken to revitalize the Christian culture of Slovakia.  The culture is indeed changing quickly, but secular relativism is beginning to gain the upper hand.  The decline in birth rates and increase in divorce rates are indicative of the changing culture in Central Europe. 

    The goal of Collegium of Anton Neuwirth is to change these statistics. You can help us make it happen. Please,
click here.   If we miss this window to establish a permanent educational institute, it may never open again.  It is rare to find a group of people as dedicated and willing as our Governing Board.  The situation in Europe will not improve on its own, and it cannot remain static.  It may be cliché, but it truly is up to us—you and me—to decide the direction of our global society.

    The Collegium is a daughter organization of the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship, which was established in 2002 to educate and train young Slovak professionals.  Since that time, the Fellowship brought almost 200 young men and women into conversation with great thinkers.

    These young professionals are now leaders in public life—they work in universities and embassies, are lawyers, mothers, and founders of organizations. And most importantly, they are living the principles of service to community which they learned in the Hanus Fellowship.

    There is a vibrant network of Fellows across Slovakia and abroad, and together they are influencing Central European culture in a positive way.  The Collegium will build upon and expand the experience and reputation of the Hanus Fellowship.

The Need for the Collegium

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford    George Washington asked “What duty is more pressing than...a plan for communicating [knowledge]...to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?” Washington’s question is perhaps even more relevant today in a post-Communist country like Slovakia than it was when first asked in 1796.

    You see, people have not yet learned to be free.

    We need a solid plan for training leaders who truly understand freedom.  The rise and fall of Communism in Slovakia interrupted the natural passing of wisdom from one generation to the next. There are currently no institutions devoted to the systematic formation of new leaders for Slovakia. Universities are the last bastions of old communist thinking, especially in the humanities and social sciences.

    The Collegium of Anton Neuwirth seeks to recover the lost threads of a free society and restore the continuity of the broken tradition of wisdom.  We invite you to be a part of the transformation of culture in Central Europe.
Please donate today. 

    I defended my D.Phil dissertation on moral philosophy at Oxford where I spent five great years. Walking around Oxford gives one a clear sense of what a Christian culture used to look like.

   Every building exhibits Christ as the foundation and end of all human striving. Every college is organized around a chapel, library and hall – showing an interest in integral formation of a young person’s soul, spirit and body. My vision is to bring the model of Oxbridge education to students in Slovakia.

What the Collegium Offers Students

Books    This is where the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth comes into play.  We identify the most talented students from across Slovakia and link them up with young academics from this region as well as experienced visiting academics from abroad.

    Best of all, we bring them into conversation with the great texts of Western civilization—those by
Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Dante, Shakespeare and others.

    I am leading a discussion-based course on moral, political and legal philosophy and literature that will equip students with the tools they need to be responsible and active citizens.

    The Collegium will form a new intellectual elite.  These men and women develop   
•    an understanding of the true nature of man and the meaning of freedom
•    a strong moral character
•    a passion for serving their communities and a desire to be leaders

    These students will understand that the construction of a free society must be based on virtue.  A recent presidential candidate in the Slovak Republic declared that “morality is that which the society agrees to be such.”

    The Collegium combats this moral relativism and will raise up a future presidential candidate who will rather say, along with T. S. Eliot, that the natural end of man is a life of “virtue and well-being in community.”

What the Collegium Offers YOU

    The restoration and transformation of culture demands the devotion and dedication of all who care for the nation of Slovakia and for the perpetuation of liberty.  The results of the Collegium will not be confined to this region.  As a member of the European Union, Slovakia’s vote carries the same weight as France.

    Ideas have consequences, and in this age, ideas have global consequences.

    The United States needs friends and partners who share its attachment to the values of its Founders.  Several of Collegium’s board members, myself included, were fortunate to be able to experience life-changing and mind-forming academic fellowships in America.  We got a taste of the freedom and virtue that your nation was founded upon, and couldn’t rest till we brought American values to life in Central Europe.

    I hope that you see the need for the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth and that you understand the widespread benefits that will result.  I hope that you will support us in our workclick here.

Join the Collegium community

Ivanka Castle    I am asking you to join with us in this vital project that we are undertaking.  Our age demands courage.  Each staff member here at the Collegium has sacrificed time, energy, and resources to the success of our vision, and we want you to partner with us in our endeavor.

   Investment in the future of young leaders is worth the cost.  Your generous donation will continue to reap benefits when that young man or woman emerges into the public sphere with the knowledge, the desire, and the ability to transform culture and to create a better and freer society.

    Please give today.  Our need is urgent: we opened our doors to the fourth group of students in September and need to cover regular programming costs as well as additional expenses, including books, technology for classrooms, and furniture.  To donate,
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    I want to invite you to be a member of our community. 
Our supporters receive a newsletter updating you on the events we plan and the successes we reach.  And we will always be glad to host you for a visit!

   The Collegium receives no government funding, and students simply cannot afford the entire cost of all that we provide.  We rely on the generosity of people like you who desire to see the wounds of communism healed and the culture of freedom restored.  A gift in any amount will be appreciated.
Let our students know that you believe in them and in their ability to transform their society.

Thank you for your support!

Martin Luteran
Martin Luteran

P.S.  It takes great courage to found a ground-breaking educational institute such as the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth.  Each staff member has sacrificed time and energy and several have even shaped their career ambitions to be able to serve the Collegium.  They have seen the great worth of the ideas which it endeavors to perpetuate, and we hope you find it to be worthy as well.  Our need is urgent: please show your support for the project by giving to the Collegium today.   We thank you for your courage and generosity!



With your help the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth will:

  • Admit 20 undergraduate students each academic year
  • Hold weekly seminars, including courses on literature and philosophy
  • Provide leadership training, spiritual formation, and communal living
  • Invite community leaders who lecture and lead discussion about current events
  • House students in a picturesque chateau just outside Bratislava in Ivanka pri Dunaji
Please join us in our Mission

Please donate today.


Fundraising Goals
(CAN is a non-profit, non-partisan, private association)

2012 Goal  83,000 EUR  
 Amount raised
(updated 15th November 2012)
  44,650 EUR

2011 Goal
90,000 EUR
Amount raised
91 469 EUR

2010 Goal
 73,000 EUR
Amount raised
 66,630 EUR

Operational Costs
September 2012 - August 2013

Student Housing
Office Space
14,000 EUR $17,100
Three full-time instructors, CEO, administrative assistant, fundraising assistant, and guest academics
60,000 EUR

Administrative, office operation, postage
6,000 EUR

website, posters, publicity, leaflets
6,000 EUR
translation and publishing of books
5,000 EUR
Furnishings for
5,000 EUR $9,400

14,450 EUR
Reserve fund

building reserves
5,000 EUR


How can I donate?
Donations are gratefully accepted via PayPal or via John Jay Institute. Donating through John Jay will make your gift today tax-deductible!
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Featured Staff

Martin Luteran
M.Jur, D.Phil University of Oxford

“I am looking forward to the long autumn evenings at the Collegium spent with thoughtful and curious young people.  There are so many fascinating problems, so many unsolved questions waiting for us!"

In the last years of his life, Anton Neuwirth was a mentor and inspiration to Martin Luteran.  Neuwirth, who served as the first Slovak ambassador to the Vatican after being imprisoned for six years by the Communist regime, had a vision for a permanent educational institute that would raise up leaders for Central Europe.  Neuwirth's conviction of the importance and urgency of such an institute motivated Luteran to establish the Collegium.  Neuwirth died before he could see the fruits of his dream realized in the Collegium that bears his name.  His dream has become the dream and the challenge of CAN. 
We are asking you to make it your dream as well. 

The Collegium needs your support to put into action the plans and hopes we inherited from those who suffered under Communism. 

Please click here.

Lucia Papayova
Governing Board Member

M.A. University of Trnava, Slovakia

“I believe that CAN will shape these young people so they can shape society in the future…If I had the opportunity to be a student of CAN, I wouldn't hesitate for a second.”

In  2007, Lucia Papayova studied at the Witherspoon Fellowship in the United States.  There she delved into the story of the American Founding and found that these principles—especially the notion that without virtue, liberty will falter—were needed in Central Europe.  Cognizant of her responsibility to the next generation, she detected a need for intensive character formation and leadership training for Slovak youth that would work alongside universities and fill in the holes in the higher educational system.  She became a member of the dedicated board and staff of the Collegium. 

Be a part of the community that the Collegium is building across Central Europe and the world. 

Endorsements from our friends:

"The Collegium of Anton Neuwirth is the most strategic effort of leadership development in Slovakia today . . . Its students are the vanguard of central Europe’s forward movement in faith and reason.
      Alan R. Crippen II
      President, The John Jay Institute
      for Faith, Society and Law

"Already, Hanus Fellows have proven themselves to be devoted, involved, spiritually growing people. Forming a Collegium is the obvious next step for them to take."
      Lorraine Krall
      Doctoral candidate in politics
      Georgetown University